TAI maintains a hangar of highly technically advanced UAVs (drones), equipped with an array of photo equipment, GPS

ground control points and GIS software that provides accurate XY and Z data either via deliverables to your Civil CAD.

   TAI can also provide the data independently to an online site that can be share by all staff on most any computer.

  On either version you can input your design files to visualize blue print over earth works. TAI also provides Aerial

   Progression Monitoring that will cover your complete project.  This is great tool to keep up with work done as

well as equipment and materials on site.  TAI inspections capability entails the ability to zoom in on any facet in great

detail as well has thermal imagery.

Owner / Operator

​   Josh Aders

GPS Ground Control Points


 This is an Orthomosaic example of Tennessee Aerial Imagery Aerial Mapping

           With required Deliverables, ​mouse pointer placement will read

           Coordinates, Distances, Elevation, Cut & Fill,  Material Volume

DTM Contour Map

Tennessee Aerial Imagery can produce Contour Maps using our specialized equipped Drones while processing

thru our in house GIS programs.  Using our GPS Ground Control Points, TAI can obtain accuracy to less then

2 tenths. With the usual accuracy being far better.  This would either be with Deliverables for Civil CAD or TAI

can provide an on line proactive GIS system that can be dynamically used throughout your company.

Orthomosaic Photogrammetry

DTM Contour Map Down To 1 Ft

DJI M210 For Construction Aerial Surveying

​​The above image is a one hundred acre aerial mapping performed by Tennessee Aerial Imagery using

Photogrammetry and GIS programs.  The initial data comes in the form of an Orthomozaic Image

Alone it can denote accurate distances from inherent X and data.  When the Z data files are

added you can read accurate elevations wherever you place the mouse pointerContour data

​files down to 1 foot can be shown as an overlay or separate image.  Placement is by appropriate

coordinate system and via GPS ground control points. This can verified by existing ground

control points or quick standard survey check.  Aerial Mapping using photogrammetry can provide

accurate distance, elevation, cut and fill data for a fraction of the cost and time.