Zenmuse Z30 180X Inspection Camera
Josh Aders / Owner Operator of Tennessee Aerial Imagery

In pertaining to DTM / DEM  3D Mapping:

Josh Aders is not a licensed surveyor. His

education, training and experience is within

photogrammetry acquisition and software

of mapping data and analysis for info only.

Josh Aders can provide data that provides 

informative site checks within an acceptable

degree of accuracy.  The data needs to be

verified by a certified  surveyor to be used

for placement or design.

     Propeller Aero: Aero Points

Portable GPS Ground Control Points

​that brings accuracy to 3D Mapping.

Aeropoints - GPS Ground Control Points By Propeller Aero

​                                        A HISTORY OF TENNESSEE AERIAL IMAGERY 

Desiring to start a viable and interesting venture,  Josh Aders decided to create an Aerial Photography Business

in 2015 specializing in Construction and  Commercial Real Estate Photography in Sevierville TN and surrounding

East TN areas.  In the form of Tennessee Aerial Imagery.   TAI specializes in 3D Mapping,  Volumetrics, Structural

Inspection, Progression  Monitoring, Thermal and Architectural Photography.

Josh Aders is a FAA Certified UAV Pilot and for the last five years has devoted himself to the craft of Aerial

Photography.  In doing so Josh is constantly studying equipment, technique, photogrammetry and editing

to keep up with this evolving industry.  Josh is eager to work towards giving the East Tennessee Area Aerial

and General Photography Services to the best of his abilities.  Which not only include expert Aerial UAV 

Operational Photography but a very talented hand and eye in the world of Editing.  He is always striving to

find the right setup and setting but also the best finished product through editing.  Josh is trained in the

professional use of photogrammetry programs with available expert resources to rely on. Never satisfied

with “good enough”, Josh seeks the best production for the project he is working on.


Josh has also obtained the unique and talented ability to provide magazine quality photos for the interior

and exterior needs of the Real Estate Industry as well.

DJI Inspire 2 for general aerial photography

The DJI Z30 - 30X Optical / 6X Digital = 180X

DJI M-210 / Multi Mission UAV

DJI M210 designed exclusively for the construction industry

DJI Inspire 1

                                 Josh Aders

                      Owner Operator

               Tennessee Aerial Imagery