TENNESSEE AERIAL IMAGERY  is a licensed, insured and FAA CertifiedCommercial  Photography

Company  specializing in Aerial Photography  within the Construction, Commercial and Real

Estate industries.  Tennessee Aerial Imagery also provides Interior and Exterior Photography

Service for select Real Estate and Cabin Rental Properties.  Tennessee Aerial Imagery  maintains

top shelf professional UAV, Photography and Editing equipment and software with the ability

to provide excellent quality Imagery and Perspective.

TAI uses the DJI Inspire 1 Pro for its General Construction, Real Estate and Cabin Rental projects.  With its amazing X5 camera and its high HD resolution it has the ability to create stunning stills and videos.  TAI maintains the X5 lenses from standard, zoom, moderate wide angle to very wide angle to fit the project.  The Inspire with the X5 is far above the drone crowd and produces excellent photography stills and video. 

​​​Tennessee Aerial Imagery is owned and operated by Captain Dave Aders - Retired American Airlines Airline Pilot of 30 years.  With Son - Josh Aders.  Also an experienced Pilot; who considers his photography and editing to be a personal form of art.

​The DJI M210 UAV

Pigeon Forge At Twilight 

For standard interior and exterior still photography used for Architectural and select Cabin Rental and Real Estate projects, TAI uses the Nikon D7200 with a full set high quality lenses and filters. TAI does not take the easy path of the HDR system.  TAI instead uses the multi flash and white balance system seeking vibrant colors and window clarity. 

Commercial / Construction Aerial Photography Services We Offer Include:

Ground Station Pro

​TAI uses the following editing software systems 


- Mapping

- 3D Modeling

- Architectural & Business 

- Real Estate/Cabin Rental

    Interior / Exterior

Aero Points

- Photogrammetry

- Surveying / Volumetrics

​- Thermal Imagery / Inspections

- Progression Monitoring 

TAI uses the DJI M210 which is explicitly designed for General Construction with any project requiring Progression Monitoring, Structural Inspection, Volumetrics, Survey      and 3D Photogammetry.  It carries dedicated Standard, Thermal and Zoom Cameras.  TAI uses GPS Cround Control Points by Propeller Aero:  Aero Points for accurate placement.      

Tennessee Aerial Imagery

is an Construction / Commercial Aerial Photography concern specializing in​ Photogrammetry, Surveying, Volumetrics, 3D Modeling, Thermal Imagery, Inspections, Mapping,

Architectural, Cabin Rental and Real Estate Industries in the Sevierville, Knoxville, Gatlinburg, Maryville and East Tennessee surrounding area


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